Our Mission, Our People

The key objectives of the UK Bluefin Tuna Association.

  • To promote the conservation of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (ABFT) across both UK and International waters;

  • To promote the development, and improvement of sustainable fisheries for ABFT in UK waters and beyond;

  • To promote the establishment of a scientifically and economically valuable Catch and Release recreational Fishery for ABFT;

  • To represent the interests of Association members and the wider angling sector with regard to matters pertaining to ABFT at a local, national and international level;

  • To promote research into multiple aspects of ABFT, their habitat and the wider marine environment;

  • To advance public education relating to ABFT, their conservation and the role Recreational Sea Angling can play in that;

Our team

The Board of Directors runs the organisation day to day, led by The CEO Steve Murphy and Chairman Tim Macpherson, and supported by six Non Executive Directors.

Sam Narbett and Dan Margetts are both experienced recreational Charter skippers who fished in the three years of English CHART and have a LOT of bluefin and other large UK sportfish experience. They were elected to their roles by the members of the Association who comprise largely other professional Charter skippers and experienced, trained crew members from the CHART programs.

Jonathan Calcutt is a longstanding angler and a Director of the Angling Trust. The UKBFTA and its predecessor BFT UK, have worked closely with the AT since 2018 when we established our campaign and stakeholder representative group. Our relationship is strong and very valuable, and Jonathan acts as our formal liason and link to the AT as well as bringing a range of business expertise.

Robert Cole and Garry Gregg are our Directors with specific responsibility for Welsh and Northern Irish bluefin and stakeholder interests. They have longstanding histories in their home nations sea fishing scenes via a number of organisations. Rob is press officer for Angling Cymru and Garry works closely with the Marine Conservation network NI and NI government fisheries managment representatives supporting NI charter skippers interests. The UKBFTA and these gentlemen played key roles in establishing CHART Cymru and CHART NI.

David West is President of the Sportfishing Club of the British Isles, and probably the most experienced big game angler in the UK, having fished across the globe since the 1960's.... He brings a wealth of personal expertise to our team as well as a link to a hugely experienced pool of big fish anglers within the SCBI membership.....

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